13 Year Old Sues UConn; Clinches Lifetime of Nerd-hood


STORRS, Conn. — Even at 13, Colin Carlson believes he’s running out of time.

Colin is a sophomore at the University of Connecticut, seeking a bachelor’s degree in ecology and evolutionary biology and another in environmental studies. But he’s been knocked off course by the university’s rejection of his request to take a class that includes summer field work in South Africa.  So he’s filed an age discrimination claim with the university and U.S. Department of Education, which is investigating.  “I’m losing time in my four-year plan for college,” he said. “They’re upsetting the framework of one of my majors.” [Huffington Post]

“Upsetting the framework of one of my majors”?!?  First, what 13 year old kid uses the word “framework”?  Second, “ONE” of his majors?  When I was 13 I was more concerned with Y2K and playing the “world is ending, let’s go make out -card” at Katheryn Wright’s house than I was with getting multiple college degrees.

No study abroad program will save this kid from being on the receiving end of ridicule and beatings until his mid 40’s.  And he can forget about ever relating to the normal course of the human experience, yeah he waived that luxury the minute he sued UConn and volunteered to let his mom “chaperone his studies”

This kid dies a (very smart) virgin.

Thanks to Alex for the tip.

[Huffington Post]

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