Fan Mail: Our First Female Fan Used FWG For Her English Project


[Facebook]     heyy,  I wanted to let you know that for one of my english classes we had to read blogs and stuff and write a report and “the fat white guy” was one of the blogs I picked. I love sports, especially football, and I enjoy reading your thoughts on the topic. I hope this isn’t like super creepy or anything, but I thought it was cool how someone from my high school has a successful blog and just wanted to let you know you’re somewhat famous to my english class haha. talk to you soon, Liz.

When I started this whole blog, I tried to tell myself I wouldn’t get a big head about it all.  But, here we are, just over a year later and…well…they are teaching “Thoughts From a Fat White Guy” in English classes.  Sure, this could also double as this week’s sign of the apocalypse for that very reason.  But if this doesn’t say “hey man, you’ve made it” I don’t know what does.  Time to start scheduling my motivational speaking tour…

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  1. Yea.. Lecture Circuit, here you come.


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