Sox Yankees Game, and a 9 Year Old Taught Me More About Life Then Life Did

sox-yankees-jj-warrenWent to the Sox Yankees game last night.  Where I met the most remarkable 9 year old of all time, JJ Warren of Winchedon, MA.  The full story on the experience is over on and on but a few other thoughts from the game….

Final Thoughts:

A Fenway Frank is basically a pig’s unmentionables sandwiched between two slices of cake.  It might be the most perfect food ever…invented/assembled.fenway-frank It’s not natural for “bread” to melt like that, but it literally dissolves in  your mouth, or your palm if you’re not careful.  I actually believe that on the 8th day, God said “Here, eat this, and wash it down with an ice cold beer….”

Navigating the men’s bathroom at a baseball game is a pretty good metaphor for why you should never drive drunk.  It’s a bunch of guys, all trying to maintain, shall we say “professional distance” from one another, navigating a maze of urinals at high speeds, trying to act sober.   The world’s greatest charade, all choreographed in silent internal narration, “You got this, you got this….” If you can’t speed walk in and out of a restroom after consuming your fill of beer then chances are  you shouldn’t think about getting in a car.

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