The Rook Presents: High School USA

In talking with my high school aged cousins the other day (just after I returned from buying them beer and cigarettes) I realized that the halls of hormones known as my formative years are not the same as the used to be.

How about the bonfire rally? Your first job flipping burgers at McDonald’s? Field Day when you got to pie your English teacher? Remember your senior prank? Living for Friday nights? That feeling of being young and free does not include pinning raccoon tails to your jeans, howling at your classmates.

I think we need to stop handing out those little plastic trophies to every kid on the t-ball team. And start brainwashing with the all-American, feel good episodes of Friday Night Lights (Fridays on NBC at 8pm). I fully endorse FNL – and will cancel dates, postpone vacations, and call in sick to Bingo in order to get that taste of Friday Night Light America…of cheap Natty Lights, burgers on the grill, and yelling for your hometown football team. Yeah. That’s the stuff.

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