The Rook’s Got Orange Pride: Future Hooters Alum

There’s nothing like unpacking your cruise wear and finding your purpose in life.

Seriously.  After a four-day bender in the Bahamas I’ve lost my dignity, my bikini bottoms,  and all sense of purpose because I know the next 9months will be spent in a dimly lit office.  But no.  Knee deep in all the sand that shook from my sundresses, this 30-second spot came on during Jersey Shore and I thought I was still drunk on daquiris.  One thing’s for sure, the Hooter’s marketing VP sure was.

“The value of serving others”…indeed.

The Burger King said I could have it ‘my way’ with a side of fries.  But sexy and successful?  I knew I could have it all.

All I have to say is sign me up for Sid’s 10-year plan.

FWG SIDE NOTE: Rook is a girl

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