Compare These Two Viral Videos

On Friday over on my real” job at I posted this video of Florida recruit Sammy Watkins giving some hipster at his high school the business:

This was met with a huge influx of reader submissions about so called “other” viral videos of football players across the country.  Particularly this one of Reagan Maula from the University of Hawaii running through a wall:

Look in my mind the answer is clear cut:  Sammy Watkins laid out a hipster for the good of all humanity and got it on tape.  Reagan Malua ran through some dry wall in a “staged moment of isanity”  what makes one video work and the other fail is that unintentional hilarity of one and the faux-tough guy schtick of Hawaii’s fullback.  Bottom line, one guy gave an emo kid something to cry about the other ran through some sheetrock.  You be the judge.

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