Travels with The Rook: Running with Team USA

Arriba.  Not that I’m a world traveler, but I get around.  Couldn’t quite get around to Running of the Bulls this year although managed to make it to an equally exhilarating locale, fleeing from testosterone-filled beasts: the USA Men’s Lacrosse Team Camp.

Worked out this morning with my trainer (that’s right Rook’s got brains, boobs and a bod) and she was dishing the goods on America’s ‘next greatest past time’.  Now.  Football, baseball and Tiger Woods will never be replaced, but give lacrosse its dues.  By six degrees of separation, I totally have an in with Team USA…


Pretty cuh-raaazy right???  Eh, look at it this way: no spandex. no vuvuzelas. no Justin Bieber.  Fact: the only ones truly interested in that locker room panoramic are me and Justin Bieber anyways.  If you were lucky it’d be a pic of my locker room.

It’s like hockey got busy with football and out popped out an army of pure adrenaline rush for the summer.  About effing time.  America was getting spoiled between the Williams sisters at Wimbledon and Armstrong’s spandex wedgie in Tour de France.

By the way, #25 Chris Schiller [his locker pictured above], is my trainer’s brother.  So like two degrees of separation?  Apparently he’s “Old, Bald, and Underrated” – translation: Charles Barkley playing on a team of Carmelo Anthonys…he’s no joke.  Maybe it was the all out family pride or counting mad reps, but if you ask me (ahem, my trainer) the whole sport is severely underrated.

Team USA plays MLL All-Stars tonight at 7pm on ESPN2.  Then to England next week for the World Championships.  By six degrees of separation, I’ll be there too.  Maybe follow-up with video highlights? Probably not.

USA All The Way.

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