Lebron To Miami: “My mom told me I could leave and it wouldn’t be selfish.”


Jim GrayWhy did you leave Cleveland?

Lebron:Well I never wanted to leave.   In a perfect world I would have loved to stay,but the logisitics of it all.    I’ve done so many great things for Cleveland and everybody who knows me knows I’m so loyal that I had to go.    But Cleveland knows they are still #1 in my heart.  So I didn’t really leave Cleveland.  I still love Akron.   I was great from the ages of 18-25 and took the franchise to heights they’ve never seen.   Now it’s time for me to be great in Miami.   My mom told me I could leave and it wouldn’t be selfish. ”


Well that got awkward really quick.  LeBron abandons the Cavs and in the process tell them “I’ve made you better than you ever were, now I’m gone….my mom says it’s not selfish”  Well kids, that’s what I’m calling the “Cleveland Shuffle” from now on.  The “I’m going because I’m going” defense.  or as Lebron put it, “I’m so loyal, I had to go…” Excuse me sir? Sir, that makes zero sense, sir.

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