Paul The Psychic German Octopus Making Headlines Again: Can’t We Put This To Rest People?

paul-the-ocotpusPaul the Octopus is making headlines again, previously it was for correctly predicting the  correct outcome of seven World Cup games, now the Russians want him. This Russian betting firm wants to pay him $5,000 a month for his “divination skills.”  This is coming after Paul recently retired, on which I have a few thoughts:

Listen hard and listen good, Germany: I’ll take Punxsutawney Phil over some swimming leftovers from the primordial soup any day. Paul (what kind of name for an octopus is that anyway?) has been picking games for over 2 1/2 years, having developed and honed his “abilities” during the European Championships back in 2008.   And now he’s retried?  After two years?  Who does he think he is, Jenny Finch?

Listen up, Ruskies (and Red Dawn fans) you want staying power? You want rock solid predictions?   Look no further than the keystone state.

The prognosticator of prognosticators, our very own groundhog named Phil has been doing this for 120 years. And if we are talking odds here, picking games is really a 50-50 shot. Predicting six weeks worth of weather? That takes a real man. Or varmint.

Like many things European (the man purse, socialism), this is certainly a passing fad. If we are looking to the animal kingdom for predictions, then the hand’s-down winner has to be the 120-year staying power of the bucktoothed Pennsylvanian, Phil.  Typical Euro trash, calling it quits early before the job is done.

/Hat Tip to  Groundhog Day being Top 5 greatest movies of all time…just saying.

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