M. Night Shayamalan Scoffs At The Idea Of Selling Out With The “I’m Huge In Japan Defense”

M. Night Shayamalan received a less than cordial question from a foreign reporter while promoting his latest film, The Last Airbender, and the director did not mince words in his reply.
“I think if I thought like you, I’d kill myself” Shyamalan told the reporter who basically accused the director of selling out in a bid to revive his floundering career.

Go ahead and fast forward that video to the 1:40 mark, where Night employs the, “I’m huge in Japan” defense.  Look, man.  I loved the Sixth Sense—creepy kids sell, everyone knows that.  But then you went all high brow (Paul Giamatti and Lady In The Water, anyone?).  No one gives a shit if you are “big in Europe”–or that “people in England loved The Happening. Because guess what, people here in America (land of the free, home of the brave) thought that it fucking blew.  Allow me to provide you a shining example of this fact, FWG couldn’t hack it in the NFL so he kicked it over in Europe.  Guess what M. Night back in Southern Austria I was a rock star (yahts on the reg, kid…yahts on the reg), but back State-side I’m just another loser blogging in his boxers.

The Happening is big in England?  I should have guessed it, from the same country that gave us Susan Boyle.  For shame cousins, for shame.

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