Why I Love Brady Quinn

Recently I have been getting “fan” mail, telling me I’ve taken that nasty turn to negative town (with a short rest stop at bitter-bed-and-breakfast). Well I am here to finally build someone up, instead of breaking him down.
So here it is: Why I Love Brady Quinn
I have been writing this post in my head for a while now, I’d say since the 2007 NFL Draft. When a poor, helpless Quinn looked like the prom queen with no one to dance with. As he fell to the 22nd pick, Quinn showed excellent composure as he got a taste of “the last kid to be picked in gym class” –with his girlfriend and family the focus of ESPN camera crews Quinn held his own until the time came. And was subsequently drafted by the worst team in the NFL (with the second best fans).
The other reason I love Brady Quinn is that, as 1 of 4 children, (3 sisters and the FWG)–I know what it’s like when sisters bring home potential male suitors to the dinner table. As if Quinn’s life hasn’t been tough enough (NFL Draft Day disaster, Cleveland Browns, Charlie Weiss, etc) his sister is married to A.J. Hawk. My disdain for offensive players is well documented, and I love any linebacker in the mold of Mr. Hawk– who looks more like a professional wrestler (think Ultimate Warrior or Hacksaw Jim Duggan on this one) –then he does NFL linebacker. So every Thanksgiving, Quinn must sit across the table knowing that this monster of a man has his way with his sister. I can see it now: as A.J. tosses his blonde locks over his shoulder, grazing the deep maroon of his turtle neck, he eye’s Brady, eyes his sister, winks and says “B-Dog…pass the gravy.”
Its almost too good to be true.

As a former collegiate athlete, a guy with 3 sisters, and a Buffalo Bills fan–I can identify with Quinn’s struggle. And I love him for it.

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  1. Deadspin now huh? Someone is hitting the big time.

  2. Pretty soon you’ll be a household name after the appearance on Deadspin

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