I Should Have Known Selling My Bronco On Craigslist Would Bring Out The Crazies


[Craigslist Ad] This is a ’86 Bronco II with only 96K miles on it. It was originally from California, so there is barely a hint of rust, and the paint is absolutely incredible.  It was a great summer truck for me (on Martha’s Vineyard…never going over 35mph) but Summer is over and it’s time to get back to the real world.  I’m asking only $3,500 for this Tan on Tan beast, with a 2” body lift.
I replaced the clutch, driveshaft, and there is a compressed air shock for the rear should you feel adventurous and want to take her on the sand (oversand pass included!)  She was burning a little oil, but we replaced the gaskets and fixed that, her power steering is great, has cruise control and all the gauges work perfectly. The more I type this, the more I’m wondering why I’m selling….(cue reminder of what blogging pays…)
Anyway, She’s a real head turner, and I hate to see her go. I’m happy to answer any and all questions, so just shoot me an email


She’s a real Beaut!  I’ve been on the market for the last two years for a 86′ Bronco II.  I dont know how much you know about the Bronco, but the 1986 model year introduced the 140 hp (104 kW) fuel injected 2.9 L Cologne V6.  This really made the engine purrr.    I owned one back in college, it brings back good memories of me and him going for long rides through the park, he loved that car too  The paint job is unique, is it after market?
I also love the drop down seats in the back.  i’m coaching a 7-8 yr old boys soccer team and was wondering how many boys you can fill in the back laying down? My guesstimate is 6, but you probably know better.
I can offer you about 2000 .  Do have payment plans?  i can probably swing 50 bucks a month?  let me know if this is an option
also, could a man of 6’4″ in stature lay down in the back?

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  1. Don’t act like you didn’t know this would happen


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