So no fries with that?


Dear Dunkin…what kind of sick joke is this?  I gave you 5 years of my life.  After school, during summers.  Slaving myself out the drive thru window for extra tips (work the button-down, ladies, work the button-down) and wearing high rise, ankle hugging khakis.  Wanna know how many dates you don’t get with that get up?  Then you go ahead and have the new coffee bitches stir me up some blueberry iced nonsense – I definitely asked for hot hazelnut – IN A BOSTON RED SOX CUP?????  Is this worthy of an ape-shit-lady-attack-on-McDonald’s-worker-over-nuggets OR total-Jason “Mayhem”-meltdown-over-a-geek-squad-prank…decisions, decisions.

-The Rook

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