Bienvenidos a Espana

After our 54-7 routing last week, the bye week was met with much anticipation. Packed up my bag and took off to Spain with our TE Ryan. Couldn’t have been a better trip (you see the FWG
speaks Spanish). After visiting every tourist spot possible and setting up my unsuspecting teammate by telling waitresses and bartenders that he wanted to make “sweet, passionate love to them”…this trip: Success!

The Olympic stadium.

Glamour Shots by Deb 50% off for a limited time only.
This is my “playboy” butt pose…@ olympic park

JBurd–in this case paella> NFl Draft
(Interview posted in a few hours)

That would be sheep’s head, sheep’s tongue, sheep/cow stomach, and of course…sheep’s testicles. Ahhhh, a taste of Spain.


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  1. ola, amigo!

    paella > many, many things!

    see spanerds eat the same kind
    of things featured on Dirty Jobs (i.e. Mike Rowe downing cod sperm,
    eyes, and stomachs).

  2. I would like to know what they do with the sheeps head! Mmmm… you are not going to eat that eye… I will take it… lol
    Of course the sheep testicles… Mmmm going to fix me something to eat ASAP!

    You should of went to Palma Spain! Nice beach/party place!


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