Wake Up! The Rook Presents: If T didn’t send me this trick play video, my Sunday would have sucked

Haha, run Forrest!  Look at that itty bitty safety go.  I’m cc’ing this video to the Bills’ offense.  Because I opted to watch my brother play in a Boys v. Girls field hockey game at 2:30pm on a Sunday… Field. Hockey…instead of watching the Bills game.  Buffalo decided to pack it up in the third quarter anyways.

Yop.  So we went to sit on metal bleachers in 40 degree weather while my bro was throwing ‘bows at his high school girlfriends and whapping at croquet ball.

It was like trying to decide whether to bet on blind kids at bumper cars or deaf kids playing Marco Polo.  If my boy T didn’t forward me the vid, I would have gouged my eyes out.  Too much for Monday morning?

now. FLYING V!

[Thanks T-bone for the video tip. and thanks Sprint for my smartphone.]

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