So…who is funding Kovalchuk’s contract?


Martin Brodeur #30, Devils' Goalie

November 11, 2010 – It’s Condition Red for the Red and Black. The $100 million man’s [Ilya Kovalchuk] fatal fumble is the astounding collapse of the Devils in a nutshell.

Last night was another episode of the Demise of the Devils. Unable to beat the second-worst team in the league, they remain its very worst.

It took some doing to break the team record for longest-ever winless home start, considering how awful they were in 1983-84. After last night’s 5-4 shootout loss to the Sabres, the Devils stand 0-5-2 in Newark this season, longer than the 0-6 they opened at the Meadowlands 27 years and three Cups ago. [NYPost]

Wait.  A $100-million-dollar contract.  And 4 goals this season…dude, which team are you playing for?  NJ fans got to be hating Kovalchuk’s contract so hard right now.

At (5-12-2, 12pts), pretty sure that the Devils are dead last.  Not for nothing but they have a stacked roster this season. My friend Scotty is a die-hard Devils fan.  And a goalie.  He’s had a rough go lately.  Now, I get pissed when my roommates take my hair dryer (and Genny Lights left over from last night’s tailgate)…don’t even know how Brodeur and Hedberg are holding it down in net.  Scotty knows their pain…season slipping right out from under their skates.  By that I mean “right out from under Kovalchuk’s stick”:

…you smell that??  OVERTIME.

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