Wake Up! The Rook Presents: Wednesday Quick Hits


Turkey Classic:  Thanksgiving =  Food and football.  The Warm-Up:  New England Patriots @ Detroit Lions.  Main Course:  New Orleans Saints @ Dallas Cowboys.  Second Helpings, just in time for your stuffing coma:  Cincinnati Bengals @ New York Jets.  Stay tuned to FWG NFL for game day breakdowns and the pick ’ems.

Smell That?  Overtime [Sports Illustrated]:  In 7 overtimes, Skidmore beats Southern Vermont 128-123 – longest game in D-III history.  Lasting seven overtimes?  Yeah right.  Just the thought of making it through 10am on Black Friday is giving me anxiety.

Mike Vick is an enigma [Philadelphia Inquirer]:  “Teacher says, every time a bell rings, an angel…” – or was it, every time Vick gets a second chance he takes cake to the face and gets a Sports Illustrated cover.  Maybe it’s true what they say about all dogs going to heaven.


Fight the Beat [Hollywood Reporter]:  …you know that Jessica Simpson has been licking her chops for Turkey day.  But that’s a different story. Ladies…can I get an AMEN?  “Marky Mark” Wahlberg’s newest motion picture, “The Fighter”, hits theaters in December.  Oh yeah, and Christian Bale.  (trailer)…let me clarify. Marky Mark and Christian Bale:


Wherever you spend Thanksgiving, we here at FWG cheers you.  Surround yourself with family, good food, and some Friends.

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