OK Sooners “run and tell that, homeboy.”

Sooner Fans via News OK

Sooner Fans via News OK

[Kansas City Star – Sat, Nov. 27, 2010] – 14th-ranked Oklahoma outlasted No. 10 Oklahoma State, 47-41, in a Bedlam Battle classic.

The Sooners (10-2, 6-2 Big 12) held a 33-24 lead with a little under six minutes to play in a contest that was, to that point, already entertaining.

But the teams used a series of big plays to rack up the points and provide a frenetic finish. Jones connected with Cameron Kenney on an 86-yard touchdown and later found James Hanna for a 76-yard strike to help Oklahoma stay one step ahead and hold on for the victory — its eighth in a row over Oklahoma State (10-2, 6-2).

“I’ve never felt like that. I was having an anxiety attack,” said Oklahoma linebacker Travis Lewis. “I was just so pumped up and was like ‘Oh my goodness, who’s gonna make the play? Who’s gonna make the play?’ We made enough plays to win tonight.”

By Saturday, absolutely in the throes of the Thanksgiving holiday…I was totally over homemade pie, sick of relatives asking me what I’m doing with my life, and just the thought of football was enough to make me cancel cable.

My entire family was ready to get our couch-coma on when the Midwest drove it home.  Sooners, Cowboys – both teams were on freaking point.  And when it comes down to the wire like that, you’re usually waiting for one team to crap the bed or drop a TD pass in the end-zone during overtime…(*cough* Buffalo Bills’ Steve Johnson *cough*).  BAM!  Bedlam Battle 2010.

The Cowboys made a lights-out interception late into the 2nd quarter – watch the replay (at 0:42 sec) to see Sooners’ Broyles get the lights-out.  Figuring that would carry them through half-time to overpower their state sharing rivals.  But the Sooners were able to grind it out.  That’s college ball.

Oklahoma State’s cirque-de-soleil catch not enough for the win, but it’s still really awesome:

– The Rook

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