Phelps v. Wannstedt—who you got?

For those of you who read this blog religiously, you know I have an unhealthy obsession with Dave Wannstedt’s mustache. That being said, another facial-fur gladiator has thrown his hat into the ring, a battle royale for my affection (affliction?). Cue Europe Final Countdown () Michael Phelps is in the race. That’s right America’s favorite pot head has grown a heft upper-lip ornament. Not mad, but I’ll put the question to you. Wannstedt’s coaching, sweat soaked stache or Phelp’s “Wild-when-wet-and-or-stoned” fu-man-chu.
Vote in the Comments section. Winner posted tomorrow.

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  1. If you were casting a mafioso flick,
    Dave wins the lead billing as a
    'Distinguished Dom' while Michael
    picks up the bit part as a 'Wiseguy'.


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