And The Winner Is….

In a decisive victory (1-0) Big Dave and his “Wann-stache” pull it out, over the Pool-man-chu of Phelps. I am however disappointed, not mad…disappointed at the lack of voting. 2,000 people a day, and one of you voted. For shame. For shame.
In later news, congrats to Wannstedt and his killer lip-fur.

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  1. "Friends don't let friends drink and blog alone."

  2. I think everyone realizes that comparing the body of work* done by both moustaches, there really is no contest. Wannstache for the win. YESSSSSSS!

    Even Marv Albert likes it.

    *When the hell did body of work become stylish to say when discussing team schedules? They're not artists, they're football teams. And if we're talking about bodies of work, shouldn't it include past performance – which shouldn't necessarily factor into top 25 voting.

    I think I just confused myself in the middle of my not really outraged state.


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