The Rook Presents: “Sack me, Sanchez.” and watered down tales from New Meadowlands Stadium


Confession:  I’m now a Jets fan.  Sorry Dad.  Sanchez is well within my travel radius/marital status for creeping.

So my cousin gets two tickets to the Jets-Dolphins game for his birthday…and naturally he gifted me one…along with the golden opportunity to have Mark Sanchez autograph my VS Pink NFL collection!

Ladies, I know you know.  Holler!

It’s absolutely old news in the blogosphere since the game was last week, but that’s absolutely okay. Because the curse I left is the ominous cumulonimbus, hovering over New Meadowlands (for those of you who dropped jaws and drooled your Bud Lights all down your hoodie over the Giants’ loss, you know exactly what I’m talking about.)

ominous cloud: the rook

BAM! I'm totally a cloud!

It was a family-friendly bus and it was a fumble-recovery type game for both teams, but again: that’s absolutely okay.  Because everyone knows that the best part of an NFL game is the good stadium food (like, retarded good food), and watching a rowdy Dolphin chick get pounded in the back of the head with a full beer.   Like, I warned that b*tch to step off.

And at least we weren’t part of the Metrodome Massacre up in Minn.  Man I woulda hated that so hard.

Oh.  Thank Hanks for this video of an Asian track meet as a runner loses his mind:  [click here] compare your reaction to the Eagles’ fumble-touchdown kick return.  Right????

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