The Rook Presents: UCSB Old Spice Spoof and now we’re talking the talk

Look at this fly Old Spice Spoof: UCSB Basketball. The Gauchos host UC Irvine on Thursday, Jan. 13 and UC Riverside on Saturday, Jan. 15.

Oh word.

Hell yeah I’m streaming UCSB’s match ups this week! By the way, who else didn’t know that Old Spice Guy was a washed up NFL practice team player? Straight up smug jerk but I totally dig him.

Whatever. UCSB kid has got game. I’m all a-twitter from this epic wit [take that down King James]

In other news:

Super Bowl spreads have a tendency of moving violently from where they open, and that’s largely because it’s the single most heavily wagered game in sports betting. When the Super Bowl spreads are released right after the conclusion of Championship Weekend, it might be smart to bet right off the cuff so you don’t get caught by the public. Points can cost a fortune if you want to buy them back in a tease, so keep your eye out for the Super Bowl spread and take it as soon as you can. That is, of course, if you’re feeling confident.

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  1. I hate Santa Barbara so much. Their damn gaucho’s chant every 5 seconds during their games gets annoying before the game even starts. They chant to the typical soccer song “OLAY OLAY OLAY OLAY GACHOS GACHOS” for every sporting event. They even bring their mascot to their track meets… seriously guys? No one even cares about track outside of the Big 12 and Pac….10/12?….

    I work for Long Beach State (a fellow Big West school) who doesn’t even have a school chant besides the generic “Lets go ____insert team here”.
    Our school may have an identity crisis… is it Long Beach State University? is it Cal State Long Beach? are we “The Beach”? The Dirt Bags? (baseball), the 49ers? Whatever you call us,at least we aren’t a damn Gauchos.


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