It’s Password Wednesday Again For Ted’s Bar At UConn


I forgot just exactly how much time college students have off.  Flat out forgot.  The girlfriend’s cousins live close to us in Boston and the youngest, Samantha is of college age as is her boyfriend.  I’d come home after long days of work to find them playing XBox Kinnect or helping themselves to my fridge full of ice cold beer.  Not mad at all, as we have an open door “what’s mine is your’s” policy here at Casa De Fatty.
But this pattern of, shall we say, availability went on for a seemingly endless period of time.
Then I realized that here I am, at the ripe age of 25, with taxes, and car payments, and health insurance, engrossed in a world of adult responsibility.  And my college counterparts, have a full fucking month off from “school” (read: drinking, 50 cent pitchers, and unprotected, undiscerning sexual intercourse).  Why do I bring this up?

Because every week I was in contact with our lovely owner and bar keep Ryan, asking him when I could put up the next Ted’s password.  So many weeks went bye, I flat out assumed UConn would never be back in session, and as such I missed a week.  I’m sorry (Go screw you ungrateful bastards).

So in light of my fuck up and the recent events at UConn I’ve decided to make this week’s password: BURTON.

As always, the password gets you free drinks and cover at the bar.  Enjoy.

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  1. The password is perfect!


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