Corey’s Super Bowl Preview: The Appetizer


Over the next two days I am going to break down every important aspect of Super Bowl XLV. In the interest of being thorough, I am also going to break down some that don’t seem so important. Hopefully, at some point during my rambling, incoherent analysis, I will get close to something resembling a rational thought.


By Sunday, hopefully you will all not feel dumber for having listened.

Iconic Figure – Vince Lombardi, GB VS Terry Bradshaw, PITT

I am going to let YouTube settle this one.

Edge: GB

Cooler Accessory – Cheese Head VS Terrible Towel

No brainer. Cheese trumps a towel any day. Plus there is even a Cheese Bra…


Edge: GB

Kickers – Mason Crosby, GB VS Shaun Suisham, PITT

Suisham had been tried out more times than Snookie, and dropped more times than Jennifer Aniston, before settling a top the kicker scrap heap. Then two weeks after his mother in law, a Steelers fan, passed away, he got the call to replace the wildly entertaining yet erratic, Jeff Reed. Mason, I think you are a good kicker and you have the bigger leg. But unfortunately you don’t have a meddlesome mother in law up there making sure your kicks stay true, and you keep getting paid well enough to support your wife. Edge: GB


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