Corey’s Super Bowl Preview: The Main Course part 2

If you missed part 1 of The Main Course, click here

Most Important Player for the Steelers not named Roethlisburger

Rashard Mendenhall. The RB had over 1200 yards this year and when he runs downhill he is a beast. The injury to Pouncey shouldn’t have too much of an effect on Mendenhall’s effectiveness since the Steelers prefer to run off the tackles. If he can get going early it will keep Aaron Rodgers on the sideline. Which may be the only place the Steelers can keep him out of the end zone.

Runner up: Troy Polamalu, who always comes up at least one game changing play.

Most Important Player for the Packers not named Rodgers

Clay Matthews. Has the speed and tenacity to get through the Steelers’ line and keep Roethlisburger in the pocket. Matthews also possess the size and strength to get Big Ben to the ground, something most LB’s struggle with.

Runner up: James Starks. If he is effective running the ball the Packers play action becomes unstoppable.

Corey’s Half Assed Predictions:
This goes down as the greatest Super Bowl ever….from a hair standpoint.

imagesca27b8hx248960631Bills Packers Football

The game gets off to a quick start with Rodgers throwing 2 first quarter touchdowns.  Roethlisburger answers with a touchdown of his own to end the first quarter. 

In the 2nd the Steelers control the clock.  They manage two long drives, the second resulting in a field goal to take a 17-14 lead.

Half Time –  Steelers 17 Packers 14

In the second half the Steelers come out running the ball. Mendenhall has a big third quarter touchdown before leaving the game with a hamstring injury.  Steelers go ahead 24 – 14.

A long Packers drive stalls and Green Bay settles for a field goal, cutting the Steelers lead to 7. 

Rodgers, under pressure from a Polamalu blitz, throws a pick to end the third quarter. The first turnover of the game leads to a quick Steelers touchdown from Roethlisburger to Hines Ward. Pittsburgh goes into the fourth quarter with a 31-17 lead.

The Packers respond quickly, with Rodgers finding Greg Jennings for a long touchdown on their first drive in the 4th.

The Packers D comes alive on the ensuing possession. Matthews and BJ Raji get to Roethlisburger and force a fumble inside Steelers territory.

Rodgers and Jennings hook up again on a perfectly thrown ball to the corner of the end zone.

Four minutes left. Game tied 31- 31.

Roethlisburger gets picked off by Charles Woodson trying to find Mike Wallace down the middle. The Packers get the ball on their own 30 yard line with 2 minutes to go.

In a career defining drive, Rodgers shreds the Steelers D, completing 7 straight passes before scoring the winning touchdown on a bootleg.

Packers 38 – Steelers 31.


The fact that what I just said is well within the realm of possibility is why this truly could go down as one of the all time great Super Bowls.

I hope everyone enjoys the game this Sunday and remember, if you find yourself in a dark alley in Dallas after a Steelers loss on Sunday night, and you are wondering why Omar Epps is there, crouching in the gutter.  Do your self a favor and run away.  It’s probably Mike Tomlin, and he eats people when he is angry.

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