Corey’s Super Bowl Preview: The Main Course part 1

Quarterbacks- Aaron Rodgers, GB VS Ben Roethlisburger, Pitt

Super Bowl XLV features two of the best young quarterbacks in the league.

But you already knew that didn’t you?

Here are a few things about the two men who will have the most to say about the outcome this Sunday that you probably didn’t know.

Aaron Rodgers is Teen Wolf 3.0.





You have to admit there is an eerie resemblance.

It also explains how Rodgers, a self described nerd who loves Karaoke, can morph into the one of best quarterbacks in the league at a moment’s notice.

Ben Roethlisburger is hungry, like a wolf. If they can make a bigger helmet to protect Rodgers from concussions, cant they make one to accommodate Big Ben’s face? The poor guy looks like a shar pei out there.

Aaron Rodgers is set to make the people of Green Bay forget about Brett Favre. If only the rest of us were so lucky.

Ben Roethlisburger is set to play Kenny “Fuc*#@ng” Powers stalker, who calls himself, Benny “G.D.” Flowers, on the next season of Eastbound and Down.








In a year that saw Tom Brady put up one of the greatest statistical seasons in NFL history, and Phillip Rivers challenge the single season passing yards record, many people over look just how good Roethlisburger was this year.

He finished 18th in passing yards after missing the first four games of the year. If he had come close to the 266yds/game he averaged for the year in those four games, he would have finished near the top 5. Only Rodgers and Rivers averaged more years per completion than Roethlisburger, who had only 5 interceptions on the year. That’s only one more than Brady.

Although the Steelers beat you with defense, it would be a mistake to overlook how good the offense can be when Big Ben is under center and not under house arrest. He makes three plays a game that no other quarterback in the league could make and if he struggles, the Steelers have no shot on Sunday.

Aaron Rodgers finished the year with a QB rating of 101.2, third best in the league. In the last two years he has slowly emerged from Brett Favre’s shadow, removed the Albatross that is Favre from around his, and the Packers necks, and become the new face of the franchise.

With nearly 4,000 yards and 28 touchdowns on the year, Rodgers moved himself into the conversation for the league’s top QB. But in order to appreciate just how good he is you need to see him in wolf mode. When he flips the switch, as he did against the Falcons, no one in the league is better. He is a better athlete than Brady or Manning, while spending just as much time on preparation.

Everything came together for him against Atlanta, and he knew it.

Rodgers could barely contain himself during the post game interview. He was grinning ear to ear while saying, “We could do pretty much what we wanted out there. It was fun.”

It was definitely fun to watch.

If he goes into wolf mode again, the Steelers secondary could be in for a long night, especially on the fast surface of Cowboy Stadium.

Roethlisburger is playoff tested, and has already won two superbowl rings.  This fact alone would swing the vote in his favor were it not for the fact that a quarterback like Trent Dilfer has one too.

Rodgers is peaking at the right time and plays at a different level inside a dome.   

Slight Edge: GB

Check back later for part 2 of The Main Course.

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