UConn Quarterback Trick Shot Video Goes Viral: FWG Exclusive

Johnny Mac, UConn’s QB and all around good guy demonstrating his skills here, in this FWG exclusive.  How do you know we had it first?  Got a nice little text from J-Mac at 4:35pm on Tuesday, “im gonna put a video on you tube tonight. its a trick shot video at uconn. …”  Talk about the undersell of the century.  This is not just any video, this is UConn’s first shot across the bows of other Big East schools in the  Pasqualoni era.  Your move Rutgers, Cinci, USF, ‘Cuse (gross), Pitt, Louisville….even you West Virginia.  See you in September

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  1. Johnny Mac is my Hero

  2. Might wanna be careful throwing the nickname “J-Mac” around, Rob.


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