The NBA trade deadline has come and gone.

Let’s hope it didn’t end in my favorite basketball team trading away their starting center, leaving them with an over the hill jokester who “is perfectly content playing mediocre for limited stretches and is only wearing a jersey to add one more ring to his shoulda been retired already career.” Thanks Brian.

Oh and they would also be left with a big white euro goon who doesn’t play defense, and an undersized power forward who couldn’t jump to a conclusion, as backups.

Let’s also hope it didn’t end in any faith at all being put in Delonte West’s crazy hands. And let’s hope that it didn’t take Nate Robinson away from us.

Wait, ALL of that already happened?

Well, I guess there’s only one thing left to do then…

GET EXCITED ABOUT THE LAUNCH OF OUR NEW SITE!!!!…. Oh, and win the whole f##@ing thing!

Check Back Soon For More Details

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