Brick City

You should be ashamed...

You should be ashamed...

St. John’s should send some hookers into the official’s locker room after they were handed a victory against a scrappy Rutgers team in the second Round of the Big East Tournament.

First, the zebras bricked on a clear foul on Rutgers last position. Then there was an over the back foul that the officials completely bricked on, which resulted in St John’s keeping the ball. Lastly, and the most egregious of the errors, they failed to realize that St.Johns stepped out of bounds with 1.7 seconds left, which would have given Rutgers the ball back with a chance to tie, or win.

Officials should be more on top of their games than this. ESPN’s color commentator pointed out all three missed calls in real time. If he can do it, one of the three officials should have been able to do it. Both teams played their asses off and left it all on the court for 40 minutes.

It’s a shame that the officials quit after 39 minutes and ruined a quality basketball game.


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