Junk Male

A grey haired QB sends pictures of his junk to an intern, you see his picture.  A football star steps out on his wife and you see his picture, his girlfriend’s picture, and a picture of his poor wife.  Basketball player has a run in with some “talent” at a strip club and his picture spreads through the internet faster than Chlamydia at that same strip club.  Football player gets caught with his pants down at the mall, and at the jewelry store and his mug is everywhere.

The media shows you the face of nearly every athlete or celebrity when they run amok.  Often times even celebrating their troubles through television interviews.  So why should it be any different when a regular guy, who happens to control one of the largest college football events in the country, commits fraud and tries to cover it up?  The story of what Junker did is readily available to anyone with internet access.  But if this had been a story about Brett Favre or Dez Bryant (who by the way is really taking The Playmaker 2.0 to the next level isn’t he?), it would have come equipped with a big fat high definition picture of them.  Junker’s mistakes are hidden behind a Fiesta Bowl logo.

That sort of hypocrisy will not stand.  We here at the Fat White Guy feel that former Fiesta Bowl CEO John Junker deserves to be put on blast, just like all of the athletes, whose efforts his bowl game exploits for a profit, do when they screw up.  That is why we are posting the biggest picture of the man in the yellow coat that we can find.


——Corey cjmalo15@gmail.com

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