UVA Eat Your Heart Out

uva-studentYou know everyone laughed at me when I told them that the University of Virginia’s Fans were less than intimidating.  Unlike the toothless rednecks you’ll find over in Morgantown (Yes, I still have nightmares)—the Wahoos of Virginia float in a sea of Seersucker and Popped collars.  Looking up into the stands from the field is like adding animation to a J-Crew Catalog.  But, I digress.  It appears as though I’m not alone in sharing this sentiment.  This  month GQ has released their Top 25 Douchiest Schools, sitting pretty at #25?  None other that the University of Virginia.  GQ Says:

Overheard in the bleachers: “Well, at least our football players actually go to class and—hey, Dylan, this mint julep is outstanding.”

No comment on their “Douchy-ness” (word?).  But I still say their fans are more “Trust-fund” than “Beer-Fund”

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  1. Went down to Charlottesville when we played them away a couple years a go. As I’m walking in with a few buddies bitching about how we can’t buy beer in the stadium some kid yells: “Go home Uconn!”. His girlfriend proceeds to tell him to “be nice”. He actually said sorry. We laughed so hard and proceeded to inform him if this were Hartford he would have heard the f word directed towards his mother about 10 times already.


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