Tim Tebow States The Obvious, NCAA Probably Appalled


Listen, I’m not going to say I told you so, but  I told you so.   Tim Tebow came out in his interview with the New York Times and offered this exchange:

NYT: How close are you to graduation?

Tim Tebow : I’m going to graduate in December.

NYT: A light semester coming up, I assume?

TT: Yeah.

NYT: Ballroom dancing like Matt Leinart?

TT: (laughs) Easier.

NYT: What do you have?

TT: I guess the class that I would have is senior seminar. It’s one hour and one credit. It’s on Tuesday afternoons and we have practice. I’m going to work around that with the professors. I’m going to do whatever my counselor sets up. I’m a football player this semester.

You know, I did the same thing my senior year.  My class was one credit, it met once a week, and you know what our assignment was?  Start a blog (and that’s how this dream was born….)  Matt Leinart took ball room dancing, I took blogging 101, and Tim Tebow is taking a “Senior Seminar” (That’s SEC-Speak for, “I’ll see ya, when I see ya”). Just about every 5th year player takes this route, a candid Tim Tebow is not the exception, although this kind of honesty is a breath of fresh air.  But I know the NCAA doesn’t like the shroud of academic-amateurism to be lifted (it’s like lookin up their prom dress revealing that naughty ugly truth), so I’m sure somewhere in Indianapolis, NCAA officials are stewing, probably forming some committee (“Tebow-Gate!”), to pass some rule, freedom of speech be damned, hereby forbidding any collegiate athlete from stating the absolute obvious.

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