Randy Edsall Playing Basketball

Head Coach Randy Edsall playing one on one against long snapper Glen Kolbrenner at Holiday Hill in Mansfield, CT.

Look at that cross over, the domination in the low post , Edsall’s jumper needs a little bit of work–but his rebounding is outstanding.

A while back I told you that Edsall was by far the fastest coach in the Big East—after that video of USF Coach Jim Leavitt running a 40 yard dash went viral.  Well I hope this video serves as proof to any of the doubters out there, in the world of head coach athleticism–Edsall reigns supreme.

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  1. Where’d the video go? “Removed by user”….did the NCAA or Randy crack down on you for posting it?

    • There may or may not have been a teammate meeting called requesting the video be removed, unfortunately it was not my video—so, until I obtain a copy, Coach Edsall’s hooping skills will only be the stuff of legends….


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