Blount Versus Hout: Add Your Own Soundtrack

In addition to writing for sites like NESN and DEADSPIN, I’ve also chosen a slightly more glamorous career path: bouncing.  On my shift Thursday night I got lucky; from my post I had a clear view of the Oregon v. Boise State game.  The only problem was that, with the DJ spinning the hits, there was no soundtrack to the game.  Boise States dominance, I had to fill in what the talking heads at ESPN were probably saying.  Which wasn’t difficult, as you might imagine—  Tim Tebow, a few Phil Knight references, and then something about “smash mouth football”

And then, at the end of the game, I got to watch Oregon’s LeGarrette Blout sucker punch Boise State’s Byron Hout.  Connecting on some sweet, sweet chin music.  This was probably the highlight of my night, instead of watching guidos swing on each other at closing time, I got some HBO quality entertainment, during NCAA Primetime.

And I got to add my own soundtrack—the only thing that came to mind was that scene from Major League, where Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn squares off with Willie “Mayes” Hayes—with Bob Uecker giving the call…

“Hayes swings and misses. I don’t know Monte, it looks like Vaughn is carrying his left a little low. This could hurt him in the later rounds. ”

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  1. Richard Seymour traded to Oakland for a 2011 1st-Round Pick that´s sad thank you for the years richard


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