The Rook Presents: Blake Lively doesn’t do nudes, but digs pot pie


…yep.  Pot pies, all the time.  Michelle Obama’s new healthy ‘pyramid plate‘ just nuked itself.

Fellas, you may not know this but we ladies go into strict hibernation from December through June.  Not only does the lack of vitamin D piss us off, but shaping it up after the holidays become top priority (‘shaping up’ because we here at FWG don’t say ‘lose weight’).  Can I get an AMEN??

Pretty much when I was kicking back on the porch a week ago, my Cosmo turned to the Most Embarrassing Moments and Genny Light in hand, my mother stepped straight into my sunlight…”OH MY GOSH, I you are so pasty that you look purple.  You’re not allowed inside for 48 hours.”

So just in time for the boys of summer and before the Big Guy, scratch that… the Fat White Guy, decides to bring the heat – I’m back.  With a sweet farmer’s tan.

>> was it like this for Michael Jordan and Brett Favre?

Maybe you were thinking, “The Rook! Where did she go, that slippery little minx…” But then again, most of you are confused, wondering what happened between cracking some brews for SportsCenter and the latest post on FWG.

That’s okay. Because most of you are confused, wondering why the f*^# Lamar Odom put a ring on Kloe Kardashian’s finger (right??).  So I can’t blame you.  Some things just don’t make sense.

Just go with it.

– The Rook (returns!)

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  1. OK ….so how many of you trivia freaks our there know that Rob a/k/a “my son” and his sister, Nicole once played cards with Blake Lively’s dad on a movie set? I thought that was what he was going to write about lol….but only Nicole actually met Blake (and her mom) as I recall.


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