The Rook Presents: my email inbox reads “apparently red rover does bend over”…and I’m intrigued.


Wednesday, June 8 – Tracy Chandler, a 40-year-old mother of three, had spent several years as voluntary mascot of the Doncaster Rovers, wearing the Donny Dog costume at matches and while representing the club at charitable functions.

But Rover officials relieved Chandler of her duties, according to the reports, after the recent racy photo shoot with the national publication Sunday Sport.

Chandler, who is from Armthorpe, Doncaster, said she agreed to the photo shoot to raise money for the children’s charity NSPCC, which the team has supported with recent fundraisers.

“I can’t believe what has happened. I am livid that they have done this,” Chandler was quoted as saying. “I have worked hard as the mascot and I didn’t even get paid for it. I loved the job and I was more than happy to do it.

“The club has sacked me and I am devastated because I only did the pictures in the first place to help raise money for a really worthwhile charity.” [Yorkshire Post

Is there no justice to be had??  This honest, hard-working woman is just trying to bring a little life back into Europe’s fairy-tale *gulp* sport.  I’ve heard of ‘paper bagging it’ before…but ‘big red dogging it’?  For shame, England.  For shame.  Firstly, Every-girl-ever knows that if it’s for charity, then it’s okay.  And 2) I’m really starting to wonder how any of our overseas sistas are making ends meet when all the dudes want to do is buy calendars of naked soccer studs.  Seriously.  I’d be out of a job like yesterday (and they only let me handle the white hots and peanuts.)

woofA message from my 18-year old brother, a red-blooded Am’rrrcan male, “She deserves the Congressional Medal of Honor.  And an honorary spot on the Buffalo Jills.  It’s the least we could do.”

Yeah.  That’s it!  Come to the USofA where you can shake your pom-poms and drop it like it’s hot for 8 games a season.  Too soon?donnydog3





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xoxo – The Rook

Shout out to Jul for the heads-up (down?), holla!

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