Is Pandora Kidding Me Right Now?

I’m in love with Pandora, we’ve been over this already . When I pull up the Bieber Radio, they kill it…even throwing in gems from the Pocahontas sound track (well, played).  But today you  messed up in a major way.  When I say Lupe Fiasco Radio, I want something that my Mom would be disappointed in me listening to.  Something that does not speak to my age or maturity level.  Something that makes me, how do I put this; unemployable.  But instead, this is what I got:

pandoraBeatles?  Let it be?  Really?

Time to start acting like a professional, Pandora.  You can’t be out there, resting on your laurels, reading your press clippings, thinking that some  young buck isn’t out there training, putting you in the cross hairs.  When you’re out there drinking, celebrating your market share, is inking deals with Microsoft, taking food off your table.  Consider t his a warning; a shot across your proverbial bow.

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