A Truly Viral Story

brett-favre-traded-to-the-jetsBrett Favre is like a really bad case of genital herpes.

When you think that it has finally died down, and you’re going to be able to enjoy having sex with the really hot girl you’ve been dating for the last few months, it shows up and makes you feel embarrassed, insecure, and of course sexually frustrated.

Once it is there you spend a few weeks waiting it out, and as it begins to subside, you start to envision how fantastic it will be once it’s gone.

But, like Brett Favre, just when you think you can relax, and start to enjoy a universe where it doesn’t irritate your body and psyche on a daily basis, it comes roaring back.

Everyone has seen the commercials where people who suffer from genital herpes can live happy, normal lives with the help of some medication. Even managing to seem magnanimous about their plight.

It’s too bad there’s not a tube of Valtrex in the world big enough to get Brett Favre out of our lives long enough for us to smile and go for a bike ride.


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