FWG Enables Blogging Via iPad? FWG Enables Blogging Via iPad

With UConn football season (err, and the rest of college football) just around the corner you’re probably sitting there suffering from two parts delirious excitement, one part post traumatic stress syndrome (thanks NFL lockout). Well rest easy because I’m here to calm your diseased heart(s), stroke your hair as you fall into a deep, restful coma.
As many of you have noticed, and taken the liberty to email me, we’ve hired a slew of new writers to contribute to the site. Some of them more talented than others; but we have settled on those that we believe bring the most to the table (read: just the right amount of talent and lack of career ambition).
So why have I been absent? Well, in addition to pursuing my budding radio career (insert face for radio joke here) I’ve been diversifying FWG so that I don’t wake up 10 years from now with a fistful of blogging gold and nothing in my bank account.

You’ve no doubt seen the sponsored posts and banner ads, but we’ve also partnered with Big Lead Sports to provide other dynamic advertising features. Additionally, our team of designers, programmers, and writers has also started consulting small businesses on gaining web and social media presence.

This season will be our fourth year bringing you the best of college and pro football as well as the wonderful world of Internet awesomeness. These years have no been easy, and I personally (as the head of this “organization”) have learned my lessons and taken my licks accordingly. Having parted ways with NESN (more on that in another post) I found that what makes this forum great is not a tentative relationship with a regional sports network, but rather our position as the definitive source for player-perspective news as well as self-depricating, I-don’t-take-myself-seriousy-and-nieither-should-you stance on life.

So there you have it. I’ll (we’ll) keep on writing, you keep on reading.
Thanks for your continued support of Thoughts From a Fat White Guy.

-Rob FWG Lunn

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