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lawrence-taylor-rape-arrest-arrested-mug-shotLawrence Taylor got six years probation back in March for having sex with a sixteen year old girl. He had been facing statutory rape charges, which could have landed him in jail for up to four years, but plead guilty to less serious offenses.

The girl had been brought to Taylor by Rasheed Davis, who I will get back to in a minute, and had visible signs of physical abuse, including a bloody nose and black eye. Taylor claimed he didn’t rape the girl, and was ignorant of her age. She claims that she protested, told Taylor it was her first time, and pleaded with him to stop.

So let’s give the original LT the benefit of the doubt for a second, and assume he didn’t know the girl was under age. Maybe the man is permanently concussed, or dumb. But that completely unbelievable explanation doesn’t clarify how Taylor rationalized forcing himself on someone who had clearly been the victim of physical abuse.

The punishment for his crimes was six years probation, and a status as a level one sex offender.

Rasheed Davis, the man responsible for the victim’s bloody nose, black eye, and her presence in Taylor’s hotel room, got seven years. In prison.

Davis is an ex con, and by all accounts a scumbag. He deserves every minute that he has to spend in jail, and if there is any justice he will be cast down with the sodomites.

But Taylor has done copious amounts of drugs, has been in trouble with the law ever since 1987 when he tested positive for cocaine, has been arrested for leaving the scene of two separate accidents, used to send hookers over to opposing players rooms the night before games, and raped a 16 year old girl who implored to him to not take her virginity. Why does he get six years probation, when the guy who delivered a young girl to the slaughter gets seven years in prison?

Because Lawrence Taylor is a rich scumbag, who was a superstar in the NFL, that’s why.

I know this sort of double standard has become common place ever since O.J. Simpson got away with murdering his ex-wife, but that doesn’t mean we have to accept it. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be angry about it.

A sixteen year old girl should be able to sleep at night knowing that both of the men responsible for ending her childhood are behind bars.


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