Sure This Is Low Hanging Fruit, But I’m A Pit-Bull Lovin’ Bills Fan


Oh, the wild ways of Michael Vick.  Sure the 2011 “Dream Team” may be dead, and their back up QB (yes, THAT Vince Young) may be pursuing a foot-n-month specialist, and YES, their starting quarterback and bone-i-fide (see what I did there) dog murderer may be a little worked up that he’s, “…on the ground every play” but what’s not to like about the Eagles?  They’re nothing if not a humble, selfless bunch, who had  high hopes are facing adversity with class and dignity.

I will say this with a wink and a smile, the Bills are so far from the dream team it’s not funny (or is it…?) but there’s been a drought in Buffalo since ’95 and who knew it would take a Harvard grad to solve the issue.  Nobody, and I mean nobody, circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills.  Not to mention there tremendous fan base…

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