My Sister’s Relationship With This Blog Takes An Interesting Turn: Hilarity Ensues…..(Editor’s Note: Ed Reed Does NOT have a bunny name Ray Lewis)

nicole-me-karenMy sister and I have had a somewhat strained relationship between my career as a “blogger” and her career as a “sister”.  I think it is more than okay to expose her mishaps and even post pictures of her to sites that millions of people visit (the resulting debacle is now mostly family myth).  Anyway, she penned the now prevalent theory that my family subscribes to, “Rob, when you have a blog, no one trusts you”  Which is remarkably well put, and, in keeping with that theme I have to expose our latest conversation, via text:
Nicole Lunn: Does FS mean free safety on a roster?
Rob: No
Nicole Lunn: What does it mean
Rob: It means “feeling somber”, like when a player is down, or reflective.
Nicole Lunn: Lol I hate you
Rob: Lol yes, it means free safety
Nicole Lunn: As in, ed reed is feeling somber
Rob: After the passing of his bunny.
Nicole Lunn: Aww his bunny died?
Rob: Yes. His bunny’s name, oddly enough, was ray lewis
Nicole Lunn: Shut up

—(five hours pass)–

Nicole Lunn: Wait was the bunny really named ray lewis
Rob: Yes of course.
Rob: It was.
Nicole Lunn: Are u messing w me
Rob: R u stupid
Rob: Ed reed had a bunny??? Named ray lewis?? R u kidding me.
Nicole Lunn: I hate you so much
Rob: Oh no. Whod u tell.
Nicole Lunn: Lol no one but might have ALMOST sent an email
Nicole Lunn: About why the ravens defense started to suck
Nicole Lunn: Please don’t put this little convo on your blog.
Rob: Oh. Its going….


You know your Notre Dame Education is Worthless When…”

“The Class I Missed In College:  Sarcasm and Clever Humor 101”

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  1. If only you’d kept it going *that* much longer Robbie…that e-mail and it’s resulting reply chain would have been the best thing to happen to me that day, haha! :)

  2. Rob, that was a great text exchange. I have to say though, Nic is one of the smartest women I know (and I know you know). So just an FYI to your loyal readers… 😉

  3. Haha thanks, Allison! I need all the help I can get on this blog.


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