Women Chalk Up Another “W” In The Fight For Equal Rights

the-lady-bag “You can use LadyBag while standing, sitting or squatting.
“The design of the oval opening is perfect for female anatomy and assures safe and hygienic use.
“The super-absorbers, special granules within quickly absorb the urine and trap it inside.”

For more than a few years now I’ve been maligned by friends and family for making the 6 hour trip from Rochester to Boston without stopping to pee.  Maybe because they found out the secret to my iron-man like road trip was not a bear trap bladder, but actually my hidden talent to pee into water/Gatorade/soda bottles while on cruise control.  Most of the disdain came from my sister/girlfriend who thought it was “gross.”  I think we all know what “gross” means to women….jealousy that they can’t do it themselves, its an anatomical impossibility.  Well, not anymore ladies.  Place your orders now for “The Lady Bag” (made in Germany….of course).  Those crazy krauts have done it again:  striking a big victory for women’s rights.

Side Note:

Word is the “Diaper Astronaut Lady” is all over this one.

DAS LADY BAG! [LadyBag.de]

Mobile Toilets For Your HandBag [NewLite]

Hat-Tip:  WalkonBoy.com

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