Tennessee Titans Owner Bud Adams Gives Bills Fans The Bird

You know what, if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 1,000 times.  There are only two things that come out of Tennessee: 1) great BBQ and 2) classy people.  It is as if Bud Adams was saying, “sure, we won, but guess what Bills fans?  Here’s a little somethin’ extra for you, courtesy of my middle digit. ”  Thanks Bud, Bills fans didn’t know we hadn’t made the playoffs in over a decade.  Thank YOU, Mr. Adams, for reminding me of the loss, and showing us what a real southern gentleman is all about.  Good news, Western New York (and parts of Canada!), chivalry is not dead. No its alive and well, and watching games from the owner’s box.  So when winter hits in Buffalo, and you are noticeably absent from that thing called “the playoffs”…buried underneath 35 feat of snow, fret not, Buffalo faithful, because Bud Adams is here to save the day.  I know that a lot of Bills fans are angry at this little stunt that Gazillionaire owner pulled, but its not like this is the first time this happened.  Nope, Bills fans have a long and storied history with getting flipped off.  Remember former Miami Dolphin Brian Cox?  Sure I was only 7 when he pulled that shit, giving all of Ralph Wilson Stadium the bird, but I’ll never forget how pissed my old man was, driving in the car listening to Bob Matthews, cursing all the way to my hockey practice.  So you see, the real punishment is not the invevitable fine Goodell will levy, it’s the tarnished childhood memories of thousands of impressionable youth.  Thanks, Bud!

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