College Football Season Is Over, Alabama Is On Top

You know everyone wants to talk about Colt McCoy’s injury.  Okay, sure.  Awful way to end a career, and I get that.  But let’s talk about Marcell Dareus’s interception, and touchdown run.  Who doesn’t love it when the big men score.  Communists and Texas fans, thats who.  This made my night.  Watch as he pirouettes, rumbles, spins, and of course give Texas freshman QB Garrett Gilbert (fresh from the high school prom) the strong armed “Sha-mone.”  I always love it when fat kids get the ball, but when they do it with style, well it brings a tear to my eye.

Don’t you think there should be a rule that if your over 290lbs and you score, they wave the 15 yarder and let you celebrate.  ‘Cause let’s be honest, it hasn’t happened before and won’t happen again.  Let the fatties live a little, will ya?

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