With College Football Season Now Over, It’s Time To Launch FWG-NFL

Going to start doing more NFL Posts, besides the occasional  Buffalo Bills post, which apparently appeals to only about .14% of my readership.  So I’m bringing on another writer.  Feel free to blast him if he sucks, or congratulate him if he’s awesome.  He’s another fatty like me, well sort of.  Introducing “Jay”.  Yes, the name is singular.  Like Madonna, or Yianni he has no last name.  Just “Jay”.    Apparently to some, keeping your full name off Google and thus your “employment opportunities” intact is a big deal.  It’s too late for me.  But here he is anyway.  Oh, and in case your wondering why you should listen to him, he’s a former college QB and all around sports betting guru.


Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys

The Rematch in Big D. Can the Cowboys beat the Eagles for the third time this year? Or will the Eagles, like the 2007 New York “Football” Giants, down Jerry’s Boys after losing twice in the regular season. I’m leaning towards the Cowboys getting it done. Here are a few reasons I like the Cowboys. Tony Romo is playing awesome right now. Look at his stats the last 5 games, 9 TD passes and only 2 interceptions. Also, in 4 of those games Romo had a QB rating higher than 100. Not to mention it was against pretty solid competition, 3 being playoff teams. (NYG, SD, NO, WAS, PHI) Alright lets get away from stats because in the end it’s about wins and losses not about stats. The Dallas defense has been playing inspired with great play from DeMarcus Ware and Jay Ratliff (both Pro Bowlers and both very deserving) I think the big turning point in the Cowboys season was beating the Saints. After falling in consecutive weeks to the Giants and Chargers, all the talk was how they couldn’t win in December and another year when Dallas tanks.  But it wasn’t just beating the Saints that changed the attitude in the locker room. It was that DeMarcus Ware decided to play despite being hurt (2 Sacks, 2 FF). He sent a message that even with a neck injury he was going to put it on the line for his team and all of those guys with sprained ankles and sore toes better rethink sitting out. The Cowboys haven’t looked back since.  The Eagles will put up a better showing than their 24 point stomping from a week ago however they will be without their starting center, Jamaal Jackson who has a torn ACL. It may not seem like a big deal but for all of those who played football, you really know how much a center means to an offense.  The back up Nick Cole will have a busy day dealing with Jay Ratliff.  I like the Cowboys to win 28-20.

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