Tying the knot and Colt McCoy still has the last laugh

At former Texas hurler Colt McCoy’s weekend wedding, ex-Longhorns teammate Jordan Shipley, joined by Aaron Watson, serenade the groom with a personalized tune that pleases the crowd — but attendees really go crazy after this couplet: “Gettin’ sick and tired of folks gettin’ fired up/Rubbin’ shoulders with Tim Tebow.” [Denver Westword]

I still don’t get why everyone’s laughing.  Maybe it’s the empty bottle of Excedrin Migraine that makes life look very serious (yes, one headache and I’m out of commission for a week).  Maybe everyone at the McCoy reception was a couple two/three PBR’s deep.

But here’s why Colt’s laughing:

a) He was drafted first

b) well…we all know that Tebow is ‘saving’ himself for marriage.

c)  so nobody thought to name drop Sam Bradford?

Admit it. You missed me.

-The Rook

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