Wake Up With The Bikini Clad Caped Crusader

bikini-crime-fighterThis is just your basic Miami Beach she-male homeless crimefighter.  That’s right, the Caped Crusader pictured here, keeping our beaches safe from trash and sensible swimwear is actually a man.  Which I’m all for.  Because it makes my life as a blogger worth living.  I opened up this email, saw the picture and immediately started stroking my beard with an odd satisfied smirk, I knew just what I would write: Somewhere, in a trailer park this girl has a dad, and that dad knows that his little girl is down in Miami fighting beach crime dressed like this.

Well congratulations, Universe.  Well done on the curve ball.  As the email explained, this is actually a man.  So now it’s just another freak who loves hefty bags, cute bikini bottoms, and walking the beach.  You win, world.  You win.

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  1. What? No Toy Wonder? Amateur.


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