No One Sees A Problem With T.O. and Ochocinco in Cincy? No one? Really?

toFor the low, low price of two millions dollars Terrell Owens could be yours!  The Bengals decided this was a fair price for the aging egomaniac and that hey (the ultimate team player) would make a perfect compliment to Chad Ochocinco.  While many on the outside are thinking this could be a good idea, some even claiming that this makes the Bengals a contender for the Super Bowl, I have many many reservations.

First is, how much room is there on the Bengals squad for two huge egos, let alone two in the receiving ranks?  Owens is yet to play well with others, and to be this seems like a powder keg, ala the Balkans-Franz-Ferdinand (thanks 8th Grade World History!).  But instead of millions of Europeans dying, it will be Bengals fans corpses strewn about, with Bill/Cowboys/Eagles/49er fans looking on shaking their head and muttering, “I told you so….”

The other issue is that Owens’ production in Buffalo was way down.  As in he did not deserve that key to the city and should give the money back, type of down.  This has to be his last year, right?  So what exactly will a one year, two million dollar contract mean to a man who isn’t exactly known for loyalty, should the going get tough?  I expect a devolution of epic proportions.

Stand back, get that popcorn ready, this is going to get weird.

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