Password Wednesday At Ted’s Bar At UConn


Every Wednesday my contact at Ted’s emails me pictures of the people who use the FWG password to make their hump-day that much better.  And every week I’m on here talking about the astounding amount of girls that are reading FWG and getting free/cover and drinks.  Well, this week I got quite the sausage fest of pictures.  Normally, you’d think “hey isn’t that a bit discouraging, Rob?  Don’t you live with your girlfriend—have two dogs—and an otherwise pretty sad existence.  Doesn’t seeing pictures of college dudes really ruin your day?”  The answer is, No. (well, sort of…but for this story, no).
A few weeks back I found myself helping my girlfriend shop for a new suit for work. It was then that I realized I’m a lost cause—but it’s not to late for you; fine (male) readers of this blog.  You can still go to the bar, find yourself a date that you won’t mind telling your buddies about (just no one in your dorm/apartment building: don’t shit where you eat, bro.)
So while getting emailed pictures of beautiful babies is a latent function of this job, I was glad to see that there are still single guys out there, willing to do the Lord’s work.  What more can I ask for?  So, keeping that in mind tonight’s password is: FLUFF As in, I hope you spend all night chasing the fluff.


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